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Arrowsmith Glass Penetration

This was sold by Davenports back in the 1950's. I have a friend who would like o get this prop so hope someone has it. Cash or trade.

Budha Fantasy

This was an effect made by Harry Leat and at one time sold by Davenports and Gamages. I would like to get both the props and also a copy of the original instructions.

Nemo Card Castle

The Nemo Card Castle was made and sold exclusively by Ken Brooke. It was produced using standard size cards and also a mini card castle which was mounted onto a Jumbo card. I would be pleased to get either model, preferably in good condition but this is maybe asking too much. Cash or Trade.

Red & Green Box

A friend is searching for this prop which was one of Oswald Williams effects and sold by Davenport's. This would have been from the 1950's. Any help appreciated, Cash or Trade.

Return to Karnak

This prop was originally sold by Ken Brooke when he operated from Bradford under the name of the Veroni House of Magic. Do you have one lying unused in your cupboard?

Whats-it Box

Another prop sold by Ken Brooke, this is routine is based on the Silk Cabby. Cash or Trade

Clarity Box Instructions

I am looking to obtain instructions for David Regal's "Clarity Box". I believe this is on a dvd and if anyone can let me have it, (even on loan) I would be happy to hear from you. Please email me.

Instructions for two Tom Onasaka effects

Can anyone please help me with copies of Tom Onasaka's Goldfish Bowl Mystery which is a 'Turn it Round' sucker trick.
I would laso like to get a copy of his Colour Change Dice effect....not the correct title, but is a very nicely made hexagonal prop. If you have either of these clever effects please contact me by email, thank you.


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