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Arrowsmith Glass Penetration

This was sold by Davenports back in the 1950's. I have a friend who would like o get this prop so hope someone has it. Cash or trade.

Bolted by Roy Johnson

Roy sold this little close up trick at his lectures. It is a neat little card effect with a brass nut and bolt! Please get in touch if you have this (or even just the instructional booklet)

Book, Baultier de Kolta - Peter Warlock

Looking for this for my own pleasure.

Book, Kellar's Wonders - Mike Caveney

I want to add this book to my Library!

Book, Servaise le Roy - Caveney & Rauscher

Another hardback book I would like to add to my collection, please.

Instructions for E-Z Magic's Hat Loader.

This metal prop is made by D.A.Robbins, America.

Return to Karnak

This prop was originally sold by Ken Brooke when he operated from Bradford under the name of the Veroni House of Magic. Do you have one lying unused in your cupboard?

Switchback Wallet instructions

The Swithback Wallet was a Card to Wallet effect by Keith Bennet and Roger Curzon. It is a Hip size wallet and I want a copy of the instructions it is now no longer available. If you have this, please contact me, Thank you.

Various Instructions

From time to time, I am on the lookout for instructions for various tricks. At the present time I am looking for a routine for the following

"Keepsake" This is a little wooden box with sliding lid. It was produced (I believe) by Hank Lee in USA and was sold by Art Emerson at the Blackpool Convention in the early 2000's.

If during the lockdown, you are having a tidy up of your magic collection and have any unwanted, loose or surplus instruction sheets, please let me know. I will be happy to add them to my extensive files which are available to other magicians.

Also, looking for instructions to accompany Steve Duschek's 'Ding Bat' which is a neat little paddle with coins attached.

If you have any old instruction sheets which you no longer have use for, please let me know. I keep a large file of all the major dealers and will be happy to add your unwanted sheets to the collection. Thank you.

Whats-it Box

Another prop sold by Ken Brooke, this is routine is based on the Silk Cabby. Cash or Trade


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