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Bengal Net Illusion (£35.00)

This is a superb small illusionette which enables the performer to vanish 2 or 3 doves, small rabbit or similar animal or puppet. Ths model was supplied by Repro Magic and is in excellent condition.

Carnival Ribbons (£25.00)

Magician holds a handful of different coloured ribbons in his hands. After swirling them around,he gathers them up into a bunch and from the middle, he produces a live dove. This is a very nice efective self contained production of a dove. Made to a high standard by Supreme Magic, complete wih instructions.

Dove Cote Production (£30.00)

A hinged plaque is displayed showing a dove cote. It is opened up and shown empty before being closed again. After a magic gesture, the Cote is opened again a live dove flutters out! Self contained, this prop from Supreme Magic is now very hard to find today. complete with insructions and in good condition.

Dove from Silks

The production of a live dove from a silk handkerchief never fails to get a good resonse from any audience. I have several different gimmicks which achieve this effect, all brand new. having come from a now retired professional dove worker who had these as 'spares'.Please email first to reserve before sending payment.

1. Transformation of Silk to Dove, made by Magic Hands of Germany, £20.00

2. Cabaret Dove from Silks by Mephisto Huis of Belguim. £22.50

3. Ultra safe Dove Harness by Tony Clark, renowned American Dove Act, £25.00

4. Invisable Dove Harness by Progetto Magic, £22.50 or 2 for £40.00

5. Utimate Dove Holder by Ronaldo. Ronaldo was a very successful professional dove act and this gimmick is one he developed for his own act.

6. Dove Holder by Richard Griffith who was a Young Magician of the Year winner. £22.50

7. Easy Way Out Dove Holder by Norm Neilson. This is another different type of holder and is complete with a silk handkerchief. £25.00

8. Fantasio Dove Holder. This comes complete with a pocket to hold the dove in a comfortable position. £25.00 or 2 for £40.00

9. Black Dove Holder. Classic gimmick, £22.50

10. Small Dove Holder, Black material, well made, £12.50 or two for £20.00

11. Two Tier Dove Holder. This is fitted to the Left side of the jacket and hods two doves securely. £25.00

12. Two Tier Dove Holder. This is the same as the above holder but if designed for the Right side of the jacket. £25.00 Or purchase both for £45.00

NOTE: All the above holders and gimmicks are designed for use with Java Doves the breed favoured by most Dove workers.

Dove in Balloon (£70.00)

This is a classic prop for producing a live dove.
A inflated balloon is attachd to a small net tray, the balloon bursts and a dove is seen on the perch!
Nice prop, made by Jack Hughes.

Dove Pan

I currently have several Dove Pans in stock. Please email me your requirements.

Dove to Silk Sensation (£30.00)

The performer holds a cloth 'banner' in his hand, folds it in half and then places a dove into the fold. Pulling the banner apart it is seen that he dove hs vanished and in its place, a white silk flutters upwards which the performer catches and which can then be used in another trick. Well made prop from Supreme Magic, this is complete with instructions

Fire to Dove Bag (£30.00)

A small cloth bag is shown. Suddenly flames appear from the opening. The magician rips the bag apart to extinguish the flames and a live dove is seen in place of the flames! Safe for the dove and self contained. This is a well made prop.

Premier Dove in Balloon (£70.00)

An inflated long balloon is placed on a small tray. The balloon bursts and a live dove appears from inside it! Well made apparatus and in excellent condition.

Tinsel Dove (£25.00)

The performer displays a handful of varied coloured tinsel. These are gathered up into a bunch and from the middle he produces a live dove.
Self comtained production complete with instructions.

Vanishing Cage of 6 Doves (£300.00)

This superb prop, built by Jack Hughes will vanish six doves. The perfect climax to any dove act!
Breaks down for packing as an additional bonus!

Westgate Goldfish Bowl Production (£45.00)

The magician's assistant hols a small tray which is covered with a cloth. A small fold flat tube which resembles a lampshade, is opened and freely shown before being placed on the tray. The cloth is removed and tossed aside and when the tube is lifted, a goldfish bowl is seen sitting on the tray with live goldfish swimming around! This is a self contained effect and comes complete, ready to perform except for the water and live fish!

Wizards Wardrobe (£150.00)

The Wizards Wardrobes a super routine culminating in the production of the Magicians Rabbit. The Wardrobe is showm to contain a Wizards robe and Hat plus a magic wand which the Birthday child is instructed to put on. This is a perfect Photo opportunity for the parents! After much by-play the child is successful in making the rabbit appear because he/she now has special powers!
This is a very deceptive production prop, nicely made by Supreme Magic, the action is very smooth and it comes complete with a Wizards costume and routine.