Postage - the fair way The prices of the various items do not include the cost of mailing them to you. That varies according to the weight of your package and the country where you live. Please go ahead and order the items while available. Payment is by Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to do that. On receipt of your order we will pack and weigh your goods and then tell you by email the exact amount due for postage and how to pay it. We think that this is the fairest system rather than adding an estimated percentage to your order or a standard amount for each item.

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Ball 'n the Beaker (£18.00)

This was an early release from Supreme Magic and is quite a rare prop to find complete today.

Dancing Cane (£30.00)

A wonderfull top quality prop made by Magic Hands of Germany. No longer available, this is in pristine condition.

Nemo Rising Cards (£60.00)

This is the Rising Card effect made famous by Ken Brooke. Three selected Jumbo cards rise from the deck which is held in a clear perspex houlette which is held in a spectators hands!The finale is a sure fire applause getter as the envelope which contains the 3rd card rises from the houlette, and then the card RISES FROM THE ENVELOPE! It is complete with Piatnik Jumbo Cards, spare envelopes and envelopes plus Ken Brookes famous detailed instructions teaching everything about the presentation of the effect.

Westgate Goldfish Bowl Production (£45.00)

A flattened 'tube' is clearly shown empty and placed on a small tray. A cloth covering the tray is removed and when the tube is lifted off the tray, a goldfish bowl with fish is seen sitting on the tray! Self contained, no body loads or covers used. Use your own live fish!


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