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Bicycle blank face cards (£7.00)

This is new deck of Blank faced cards.

Bleached (£10.00)

You show 3 regular cards and one other completely blank. The idea is like Find the Laqdy. After a series of mindboggling manoeuvres, during which the blank card proves to be elusive, the blank prints into a regular card. You now have four regular cards. Finally, ALL FOUR CARDS lose their ink and become blank. they really are blank! Easy to do, and resets in seconds making it perfect for table hopping. This is a Peter Duffie creation, so you know it will be good!

Devano Rising Cards (£15.00)

I remember seeing David Nixon perform this on Television when I was a youth and I had no clue what so ever as to how it was done! It is still as good today.

Force Deck (£5.00)

A brand new deck of Blue back Bicycle cards, 52 all the same, (Four of Spades)

Give Me Credit (£8.00)

Four cards are shown and counted face down from hand to hand. First one card turns face up, then the other three do like wise before the backs change colour! Finally, the Four cards change and become Four CREDIT Cards! No Sleights, this is very easy to do. Perfect for Table hopping as there is no set up time required.

Hollow (£17.50)

An off beat trick by Menny Lindenfeld. A selected card has a hole punched through it using a paper punch. The magician then slides the hole across the card to another position and then repeats this action! This comes complete with a very well made gimmick, hand held paper punch and the instructions which includes tips to make this an unforgettable effect! A Bicycle deck is included as a bonus (this is NOT included when purchased new).

My Drink Trick (£10.00)

This was made famous by Ken Brooke who was shown it by Oliver McKenzie, the originator. Four cards are counted from hand to hand several times to an amusing story. Each time, the cards change to suit the story. Great for table hopping as it takes all of 3 seconds to reset!

The Irish Card Trick (£8.00)

This is a real fun effect which has a very strong climax which leaves the spectators amazed! Performed tongue in cheek, the audience think you are being silly but you turn the tables in a very strong and surprising manner. Great for walk about and Table Hopping as there is virtually no reset time required.

Trunk Call (£30.00)

Here is a novelty item from roy roth (RAR Magic)
A soft fur covered elephant is displayed and after a card is selected by a member of the audience, the elephant proceeds to find the chosen card using its trunk! There is a lot of scope for gags and byplay with this cute battery operated animal!


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