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Balloon Modellers Apron (£20.00)

This utility item will enable any clown or street performer to have his balloons ready without fumbling. Six separate compartments allow you to have different sizes or colours separated as you deem neccessary. This is a professionally made apron by 'Stagewear' of Norwich. It is brand new and has never been used.

Benge, Ken -3 Ball Juggling (£6.50)

This is an excellent book detialing how to juggle three balls plus the many variations possible.

Bolton - Circus in a Bag (£20.00)

Very interesting book with details of circus skills. Good training manual, now out of print.

Clowns Trousers (£25.00)

A pair of Clowns Trousers, bright Red and Yellow made from Polyester/cotton. These trousers (British made!) have never been worn, have an elasticated waist, so will fit anyone!
All that would be needed to go with this is a nice coloured t-shirt.
Also, A pair of muticoloured trousers, similar to above, again never worn and brand new! These are also British Made and have an elasticated waist. Same price or get both pairs for £40.00

Harbin, Robert - Origami (£2.00)

Harbin is famous for inventing teh Zig Zag Lady Illusion but he was also an expert on theJapanese art of paper folding. This is a superb book detailing many different models, most of which require very little practise.

Snowberg - Clown in You (£9.00)

Written by 'Snowflake' Snowberg, this book will guide you to being a better clown. Excellent.

Taylor, Rex - Cartooning Made Easy (£4.50)

Published by Supreme Magic Co. this is an excellent little book.

~Vent Head (£175.00)

This is a profesionally made vent head in the guise of a 'cheeky boy'
Imported from America it is inpristine condition, as the original purchaser, a well known professional vent unfortunately passed away before he had the opportunity to make use of it. This is a unique chance to create your very own character and dress him accordingly. Original cost with import taxes was over £320.00
More information plus photos on request.


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