Blackpool Magic Convention 2018

The 2018 Convention is now over and was once again a resounding success. Despite problems in the Winter Gardens Ballroom, the organisers managed to make the new layout succeed and everyone seemed happy with the result. Congratulations to the Blackpool Magicians on a job well done.

Something a bit special

I have a client who has two beautiful items from Tora Magic for sale. The first is the production of FOUR full size Botanias from a cape. Each Botania sits in its own pot and is approx 36" in height and has approx 60 blooms on a multitude of colours. The second is the production of Four Botanias, this time from a Three Fold Screen. Again the Botanias are similar to the ones above and together, these two effects make a fantastic display. Professionally made to the highest standard by Tora Magic, these are no longer available and represent a fantastic opportunity for the discerning performer. Both are as new, never having been used due to the original purchasers unfortunate ill health. Not cheap but a great investment at the same time. Contact me for more information.

Forgotten Magic from Ken Brooke

You will see in the shop that I have a page dedicated to Magic from Ken Brooke's Magic Place. Recently I discovered three effects which had baffled me for several years because I did not know what they were or who had originated them. I have now manged to identify them and they are now included on the Ken Brooke Page. Check them out NOW because stock is extremely limited! I am also pleased to be able to offer the trick 'Bucks and Does' which was a best seller for Ken but one which has been unavailable for more than 30 years. When they are sold there will be no more. I have also just recently discovered a few of Roy Johnson's trick "Cent" - check out the Ken Brooke page for details of these and others.